10 Tips for Planning Your Own Wedding

This past year, most of my thoughts have revolved around one thing. Our wedding. If it wasn’t the wedding itself, it was some scenario or topic that reminded me of the approaching day. We got engaged in September and planned for an early June wedding…leaving plenty of time to plan! Until you experience it yourself, I don’t think people understand all of the little details that go into planning a wedding. After personally going through the whole process and reflecting on the experience, I have come up with 10 tips that one may find useful for planning a wedding of their own.

1.  Buy a planner, make lists, cross things off, repeat. It’s so important to stay organized and focused. Writing things down is vital to success.

2. Know when to ask for help, and learn to delegate tasks. You are one person, and as much as you may want to do everything yourself, you will drive yourself insane. Trust your family and friends. They are there to help!

3.  Understand that feelings will be hurt. At some point in the process there is a good chance you will hurt someone’s feelings, and your feelings will probably end up being hurt as well. This is part of it, things will work out in the end. Just remember the issues are only as big of a deal as you make them. Try to keep an open mind.

4. Realize that your fiancé probably doesn’t care about how the bridesmaids wear their hair. While guys like to be involved, maybe some of the decisions can be made without them. Make sure you communicate often with your fiancé so you are both on the same page, but try not to bore them with tedious details that they may not be interested in.

5. If it is an outside wedding, pray to God everyday for cooperative weather…hey we came very close to a tornado but we pulled through! Make sure you have a backup plan if disaster strikes. Crossing your fingers will only get you so far!

6. Be prepared that not everything will go exactly as planned, learn to be flexible and accommodating. Things are only as important as you make them. Compromise is key.

7. Prioritize. While it might be more fun to do certain tasks more than others, it is so important that you get the most important details lined out first. Securing your vendors should probably be higher on your the list than your DIY table numbers.

8. Be realistic. I know first hand how deceiving Pinterest, wedding magazines, or Martha Stewart can be. Try to stay on track and know what is feasible for your specific day. Not everyone can have a grand flower entrance like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (a girl can dream right?). Make a plan and a budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. What’s the point in a wedding if you don’t get to do a few (or 20) DIY projects during the process?

9. Learn to let go. So your little brother snuck off during family pictures to go drink in his car, or some over intoxicated guest stole a golf cart and drove it home, or maybe the cake didn’t look exactly like the picture you gave them,  whatever may come up, the day goes on! Little hiccups are bound to happen, don’t let them get to you. Learn to let go and enjoy your day. You will later look back on these incidents and laugh.

10. The day is about you. At the end of the day your married. Isn’t that the point?? You both woke up, you both walked down the aisle, and you both said “I do.” Hopefully when all of the planning is over and the big day comes, you can take in the moment to realize that the day is about you. Remember to relax! Trust yourself that everything you have worked for the past several months will fall into place.



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